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    Love, Joy & Back on the Blog

    Friday June 9th, 2017 | By Jenny Mckaig

    What a joy babies can bring into our lives!

    My husband and I were blessed with a sweet baby girl last year and -- woah! -- did things change, and quickly. Our lives transformed with more love and joy, and all the learning that comes with a new addition to the family.

    You may notice I took a hiatus from the blog-- with a big reason: to cherish that non-renewable resource we have, time, and enjoy precious love with our little one. Shortly after giving birth, I did continue working very part-time with key clients and authors because I love what I do and it gives me soulful nourishment, too. I have the joy of not only cherishing and nurturing our little one, but also supporting authors, and cultivating words and powerful messages to share with the world... amazing!

    I am thrilled to be back on the blog now. I'm as excited as ever to be sharing with you...Read More