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8 Essential Ingredients for Rockstar Copywriting

~A Holiday Recipe~

We all know that during the holidays, there are special recipes that delight us, warming us from the inside out. We think, mmm, this is so good! Our tastebuds tingle; we feel that familiar sense of soothing that tells us everything is just right.

Whether pumpkin pie, mashed cauliflower (a twist on a long-time tradition) or soothing butternut squash soup, we all have those favorite recipes that leave us feeling satiated, satisfied and savoring every last morsel.

Just like our holiday favorites have us feeling that draw to the tastiest dishes, so too do we feel drawn to compelling copywriting—magnetic, conscious and comprised of the most sumptuous ingredients.

It really is the care that goes into creating; that’s what makes the holidays have our palettes saying, ‘Yes!’ That’s also what makes for results in copywriting—our bodies, minds and souls say, ‘Yes!’ to writing that’s created with care and spiced with these scrumptious ingredients:


A Solid Hook

Just like one taste of pumpkin pie with homemade whipped has us eating the whole slice, a captivating opening magnetizes readers and has them wanting more. It’s a tempting of the tastebuds, and foundational to any piece of writing, whether an email in a marketing campaign or the beginning of a book—a solid hook is the crust of the pie, foundational to the whole creation.


Sizzling Insights

When we’re cooking, we want our dishes full of flavor, those tastes that satisfy our tastebuds and have us, saying, ‘Yes! This is delicious.’ In the same way, we want savory, sweet, flavorful writing—the knowledge we share in tips, tools and insights that satisfy readers’ palettes with just what they want to know. The hottest info, sizzling with insights that inspire, inform and educate—it’s just what prospects want (and what transforms prospects into paying clients), and a necessary ingredient in rockstar copywriting.


Just the Right Amount of Spice (or, the right words)

Soothing scents that nestle in our nostrils—that’s the right amount of spice—those aromas and tastes that mingle to make a dish simply delish! In copywriting, we want words that attract, not repel, and just like Grandma’s tried and true recipes, it’s essential to include high-vibration words that influence ideal clients to say, ‘Yes!’ to your products, services and offerings.


A Healthy Dose of Value

Savoring a holiday meal is so much sweeter when nutritious meets delicious; so too is copywriting that much sweeter when it’s sprinkled with a healthy dose of value. Just like a meal is more satisfying when it’s succulent and you know you’re getting the nutrients you need, copywriting that’s both captivating and valuable gives readers that extra ‘umph’ to enjoy. It’s in the value that the real benefit comes in; including important information that teaches and transforms is essential to rockstar copywriting. 


**Stay tuned for Part 2 of Essential Ingredients for Rockstar Copywriting!**


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