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Rejuvenating During the Holiday Season

Deep breaths, hot coffee, warm tea or hot toddies, relaxing moments, happiness on your kids’ faces when they tear open those cherished gifts, and joy in the glimmers of family having time together… breathe in, breathe out… you made it! Now is the time to relax and enjoy. Even if only for a moment, take some time during this holiday season and tune in to rejuvenate you and your soul.

As you connect in with your year that gave to you, and maybe challenged you, too, know that if it felt like a successful year, you can own that feeling and move wholeheartedly into 2016 to rock your new year. Have some challenges along the way (we all do), or perhaps some heartbreaks or heartaches? Know that it’s okay. You’re supported, you’re loved, you can grow and learn, expanding more and more into who you are—so your 2016 can be phenomenal, like you.

No matter how your year went, you may be feeling hazy or like you need some extra rest and care. That’s natural. We all desire to connect in with our most pure self, and the holidays give us time to relax, restore, catch up with old friends, or just stay in and enjoy time with family. It’s important, too, to refresh your mind, body and soul throughout the holiday season, retuning and rejuvenating yourself so you feel fresh when you step wholeheartedly into 2016.

Here are some ways to press the reset button on you!

Reflect On 2015

A moment of reflection can give you insights into what will truly propel you forward next year. As Steve Jobs said, sometimes “we can only connect the dots looking back.” It’s important not to dwell in the past, but allowing yourself to see what came before can give you such knowledge for yourself as to how to move forward. Acknowledge the tough times and celebrate the great. It’s all part of your journey, and looking back will help you build the trust you need to see just how supported you are in that beautifully expansive movement: forward.

This holiday season, escape away for a few moments (or, if you’re able) even more time in solitude, where you can reflect and connect those dots looking back. Tuck away to a quiet room in your home, or do some yoga, or meditate. This not only allows you to see and have peace with your past; it also helps you tune into yourself, knowing everything you have accomplished this year, and preparing you to jettison into what you want to accomplish next year. Having a clear head going into a new year is the first stepping stone in achieving the goals you have set.

When you’ve gotten clear on where you’ve been and what you’ve done in 2015, you may want to set up a holiday brunch with a few close friends or family members. Go around the table and let everybody share where they’ve been—and where they’re going. Give feedback, celebrate and encourage everybody to continue their success in 2016. Having a trusting, supportive session of growth and celebration with the people you love will help you more get in tune with yourself, and help your friends and/or family do the same!


Tune Into Yourself

It’s that essence of who you are—when you feel your best, and you’re the happiest, most solid, truest version of you. You know it, there’s no mistaking it, that real essence of you.

Tuning into yourself is so important, it’s nourishment for your soul; the way light gleans on a window, a smile on the face of a loved one because you’ve shared with compassion, you, doing what you love, staying connected with your passions. There are as many ways to tune into ourselves and connect with our souls as there are people in the world; it’s about finding what’s right for you. For 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, you can peruse the book of the same title for a multitude of ways to tune in (and yes, I was co-author in this international bestselling book!).

To tune in this holiday season, it really can be as simple as finding a quiet space, and focusing on your breath for five minutes. You could also meditate or do yoga, even a few gentle poses, to go along with your breathing techniques. You may prefer another great way to tune in (one of my faves!), which is to sit down and write. For five minutes, play with your pen to page and write anything that is on your mind. It may feel clunky at first; as you let yourself flow though, you’ll find a rhythm and allow gold to unfold. If you make a perceptive ‘mistake,’ keep going. It doesn’t have to make sense; it doesn’t have to be perfect. After the five minutes are up, you will feel clear and light, like a weight has been lifted, and you’ll start to feel that shift within.


Prepare with Presence--and Soul Marketing

As you tune into you, that vibrant, creative, alive self becomes prominent and present in your life. If you’re an entrepreneur, or even if you’re not, having presence in your life means you get to not miss those special moments—you’re present to them all, which is a gift in itself. 

As an entrepreneur, when you tune and rejuvenate to your soul’s essence, your tribe magnetizes to you. Remember, your ideal clients (those you have, and those on the way to you) want what you have to offer! There’s a connection in consciousness and being true to ourselves that magnetizes; what you want to create, wants to be created. Your ideas, especially those ones deeply connected to your soul’s essence, are what the world is asking for—just like your message is meant to reach the masses!

So be present in your life. This holiday season, include some mindfulness practices—even watching a cup of steaming coffee or truly being present to a conversation with a loved one can shift you to be connected with your soul’s essence. Every moment of presence you allow yourself will train your brain to become more mindful and present in everything you do.

In truth, there is a lot of inauthenticity in the world, and we can help to shift that. With presence, you’re arming yourself with awake living and awareness. In all your communications—in conversations with your family and friends, in texts and social media, holiday wishes with ideal clients—how does your tribe love being communicated with? Become aware of that. With presence, you’ll hear the way people speak, and how they light up with truly connected communication. All those moments the holidays (and every moment of life) has to offer—they are not only a gift in the living, they also give you the opportunity to connect with the best way to soulfully and powerfully communicate with your tribe.

(We go deep into Soul Marketing, that soulful essence of you and how it magnetizes your message to the masses, in my course, Become a Copywriting Rockstar, and I’m happy to offer it to you at a special rate until Jan 1st. For more details, click here, and use promo code: Soulful2016 to save $300.)

My holiday rejuvenation wish for you is that this season is filled with love, laughter, friends, family—and you. Yes, you. Being present to, and connected with, all that magic that is present in your life is a gift. When you’re aware of your surroundings and you see, feel and know all the love and gratitude that is there to support you—you will enliven. Have the happiest of holidays and we look forward to supporting the rejuvenated you in the new year! 


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