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Tuning to Your Soul


It is imperative that we tune to, and nurture our souls. So often in life we race through – must-do this, race-to-do that – and we don’t stop to listen to what’s really calling us within. What brings us true joy, peace, passion and happiness? What connects us in with that greatest essence within? The soul.


It’s important for writing; it’s what will connect you with the best writing you’ve ever penned, words coursing through you, just waiting to fall onto the page (like liquid gold, and beautifully, exactly what they need to be, too!).

It’s also important for life. It’s what brings joy to an otherwise mundane day; what lights you up, makes you feel fabulous, gives you purpose, your soul.


Soulfully connected, you say YES! to that which calls you. A few days ago, amidst a whole lot of reasons why I thought ‘I couldn’t,’ I found all the reasons—soulfully connected—why, ‘yes, I can.’ An opportunity opened in my life and I heard it, clearly, distinctly, a call to be more from the heart of who I am, my soul.

(There is a light within that will answer—hell YES! (or heck YES, if you prefer). It is loud, clear, vibrant and full of passion and purpose. When you listen, blissful moments arise, like this one, and that happiness of listening and saying YES.


To tune to your call of purpose and passion, it is so important you tune to your soul. Soulful practices, heartfelt, and here are just a few of the ways you can practice connecting in with what’s within—listening, feeling, knowing, your soul.


Have a read of my Fitness Republic article, “Four Fab Practices for Your Soul,” and let me know what you think. How do you best connect to your soul?


Till next time—tune in, soulfully,






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