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Birthday Love--and Writing Your Book!

I'm celebrating a milestone birthday today (I'll let you guess which one!). Five years ago, I was celebrating another milestone, too (if you guess the first, you'll get the second!)... 
And at that milestone birthday, I had a goal. Now here's a very vulnerable moment I'm going to share with you: I had that goal, and I was nowhere near achieving it.
By that milestone birthday, I had wanted to have completed my first book.
I had been writing it for five years (yes, five years!), and still it felt nowhere near done. Worse yet, I was miserable and feeling so deflated. My birthday came and, as birthdays tend to have us become, I got reflective.
I had to reach that goal! 
I knew though that the way I was living wasn't going to let me do that. (If you've read my chapters in the Empowering Women to Succeed series, you'll know the whole story.)
So, I made some BIG changes.
And guess what?! In a short two months, I re-wrote the book I had been struggling with for five years! And - I met the love of my life, who I'm now married to and starting a family with, started my dream biz, and am now a four-time international bestselling author! 
When I got real--- and went for it-- not only did I re-write that book and have it completed, I also had some of the most profound, fun and meaningful transformation in my life. Ever.
What has this got to do with you?! 


Well, yes, it's my birthday. And I'm blessed with a whole lot in my life.
It's a birthday sale! It's me saying: if you've been thinking about that book in you, or dreaming about even beginning a book, or thinking, hey, I've got a story in me to share!.... 
I am here to help you.
And, because I have so much love and gratitude for you, I want to give you a sweet birthday deal.
The Become a Published Author course is filled with comprehensive, supportive, proven techniques for writing and crafting your book, and these techniques have helped create multiple international bestselling authors.
Even if you don't want the 'bestseller' status-- this course supports you in getting your book complete. It lets you get that book you know you've got in you, on the page, in a way that feels great, so you can release it out into the world!
You may not have to make the kinds of changes I made in my life to get your book done-- but I promise you, with the techniques in this course, you will be supported, you will learn, you will craft, revise, hone and write the book you're meant to write.
Don't make the mistake I did. Don't wait five years of feeling blundered and disgruntled, and longing to write the book but not doing it. Just don't!
Don't even wait five minutes.
If you've had to the call to be writing your book, you are meant to be writing your book! It's as simple as that.
The consciousness of your book requested you to show up, and go for it. I am so happy to offer you support in that writing journey.
We get started on July 25th, and you can have your book done-- done, done, done; written, crafted and supported in a way that fits with your life (and hint: you'll have some fun transformation along the way, too!).
Receive my gift to you. You will save $2000 on this course. That's 66% off the regular price.
Use promo code: BPAJMBDAY to save! ($2000 off, that is a sweet bday deal!) 
If you're still wavering, here are some questions to ask yourself. If you feel the whisper of the wordyes, beneath any fears you may have, it's important to listen. You may also have a resounding, YES!, loud and clear from deep within.
That is the call of your heart, and the book you are meant to write.
I wish I had someone asking me these questions all those years ago-- but thus is life, and now I can share my lessons with you! Ask yourself:
  • Do you have a book in you that you’ve been holding onto?
  • Do you have a book you know will help people, help you to expand your business or bring more meaning to your life?
  • Are you working on a book, but feel a bit stuck or stagnant?
  • Do you want to join a group of highly conscious, amazing people working towards the same goal?
  • Do you want to have tools, resources, guidance and more from an expert with over 10 years’ experience in writing and editing? (and with a heart that’s dedicated to helping you!)
  • Do you love a great deal?
  • Are you ready to stop putting off your excuses, and get putting pen to paper in an effective way?
  • Are you ready to finally see your book come alive?
  • Are you ready to have more opportunities in business and life?
  • Do you want to connect with a creative flow and writing process that really works in your life?
  • Do you want to write a book you can be proud of, and be supported along the way?
  • Do you want to feel that final finished product—your book!—in the palm of your hands?



That is the consciousness of your book. That is your call to be more of who you are-- the published author you're here to be. (Yes! Even if you have fear. Blast beyond it. Even if you don't know 'how.' That's what the course is for. Even if... any host of reasons...)




Listen to that voice. I so wish I had sooner, and know what a difference it makes in your life when you do.


So I invite you: receive my bday gift to you. 66% savings on this course, and 6 months of support - everything you need -- tools, resources, accountability, support in crafting, revising and completing your book, and a whole lot of fun, too! 


So you can write the book you're meant to write.


Click here to enroll: Yes! I'm in! Sign me up today! 

Use promo code: BPAJMBDAY to save! ($2000 off, that is a sweet bday deal!) 


I can't promise I'll be offering this price again.

I can promise that when you enroll in this course, you will be so happy you did.


And that-- that is a gift!
So much love to you!

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