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Visibility Breakthroughs and Expansion of Platforms

After emerging from a nurturing month in December, let’s look at ways to help you break down the visibility barriers that may be holding you back from having your message reach more of the people who need it. I invite you to explore who you are, what you stand for, your purpose, intention and everything it takes to get to a place of being seen.

I encourage you to make sure you are stretching your mind and goals, but also that you are making them tangible and realistic to you (knowing too you can create anything you set your soul, heart and mind to).

Clarity. Profound purpose. Expanding your platform. And all the greatness that's within you to make that happen. Whether that be in;

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Content
  • Video Scripts

It’s about connecting with the words and allowing yourself to be seen.

Allowing yourself to know fully and completely who you are. 

I’m referring to your essence. Who are you?

This will radiate into your brand and your business. This will help you not only reach the level required to grow and expand – but also help you be vulnerable, be seen at this level.

This may relate to a brand you work for, or a brand you own.

Either way, this is your energy, your actions, and your words. This is where you dive deep. You know the thread you look for in your writing: be mindful of that in this stage. This will help you link the writing and your words, which allows all of your work to be more of what it needs to be.

You, are the connection. With this connection, you will breakthrough those barriers and after all, this is the goal. When you have accepted and embraced this you can’t help but expand.

Receive this.

Whether your business is the personal brand of you as a person, or a larger entity, determine what radiates from that. Determine and know its essence, purpose, and intention. This also includes your brand (or a brand). They are tied to stories, which connect into being a powerful messenger that evokes changemakers.

It is here you will step into and experience your power.

It is also here you may undergo criticism and negativity.

This is also par for the course when you have stepped into your true meaning, power, and greatness.

It’s possible this happens because you have triggered something in those people.

But know this…

When you write from your true, authentic and grounded self the people who need your message will hear it. The ones who don’t or the ones who are not ready to hear it, won’t. And that, is OK. What matters in this space is that you connect more with your power, and the knowing within that your message is greater than any negativity. It is too in how you manage the negative comments. It’s how you deal with the critics.

My suggestion is, you don’t.

This is a place that the word ignore, exists.

In fact, I know authors who won’t even read their book reviews for fear of what might be said, good or bad. They let their work be what it is, what it was called to be.

False Evidence Appearing Real. And Connecting to a Greater Truth.


It can be a debilitating place, if you allow it to be. This is why I invite you to explore ways in which you can break through those visibility barriers and instead of fight or flight, let’s lean into a new truth: your message is greater than any fear-based thinking. It has called to you because it is meant to be shared. 

As you connect and reconnect with who you are, authentically, you allow yourself to be supported.

You allow yourself to share what you are called to share.

And that creates impact in this world.

Let’s look at social advocacy in this space.

Social media has opened up a whole new world in this regard. And, I know I am speaking to many of you as the leaders now, with enormous impact to affect. Keep stirring those pots. In some cases, those huge pots! As long as you are true to your purpose and your message – challenge or even divergence may happen, but find peace in that challenge knowing it needs to happen for change to ever occur. We can affect positive change, and even become united; with time, effort and a dedication to truth and purposeful words to share.

What are the Visibility Barriers?

First, be aware when you are not allowing yourself to be seen. This often happens with people I work with, on various platforms and especially with books. It creates these feelings of ‘oh my gosh I’m having to go to the next level’ or, ‘I won’t know what to do when I get there’ or, ‘this isn’t good enough’ … and so on.

Visibility barriers is the fear that wants to hold you back.

Recognize this.

You are capable of breaking right through these barriers because your purpose is so much bigger than any naysayers. They aren’t ready for your message, remember? (And also remember, there are many people not only ready, but waiting for your message, because they need to read what you have to share.)

Fear also fades away after you take the steps to shift beyond it. When you are so deeply connected to your message, and in turn your writing, breaking down those visibility barriers propels you forward.

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