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Growing Your Fan Base and Impacting More Lives

Impact. An incredible word it can be. As entrepreneurs, you are creating a platform to do just that --- impact others’ lives. We know, that the more people who read our message, see our story or connect with our purpose, the more lives we can change for the better. Naturally, growing your fan base follows suit with making your your message heard.

Although we believe in quality over quantity, it is also true that the larger our reach, the further our message can reach, expanding to all who need it. The quality is what creates the impact.

While building your following, you want to focus on nurturing that readership.

I wrote an article on WordPress called ‘Online Lead Generation: Finding Your Fan Base’. It discusses in detail steps you want to consider for finding your tribe, while my program ‘The Butt Glue Crew’ focuses on pushing you and nurturing it.

An ideal combination you might say.

When you are growing your fan base, there are a few key things you want to focus your attention on:

  • Keeping in touch
  • Call to action (act)
  • Bringing in help (via third party resources)

As you continue to grow your readership, staying connected with them is imperative. Remember, they tuned into your message – thank them by keeping in touch. You might do this through emails or newsletters, or depending on your business, you may include an e-card or free download. Whatever the case is, be there.

Be there with your message that you need to share.

And, be there with your purpose.

Be present.

Your fan based, subscribers, tribe, and all amazing people in between, will be appreciative. This may be through their words, and even more so, through their actions. The action of engaging with your content, purchasing your new book or signing up for your program – through your value and initial trust, you have called them to act.

My call to you is this: stay connected and learn more about how I can support by getting program info here. Together, let's expand your platform, grow your fan base, and lead our communities to a better way.


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