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My New Year's Wish for You

Your message is meant to be heard. You are here to create impact, be a leader, and make a difference in this world. The unique mark you make in this world may be in the form of a book, blog, marketing materials that share your special gift, video scripts, a meaningful contribution with services, products or packages, or more. 

It's what allows you to get your skills, talents and gifts to those who most need them. And know the truth: the world needs what you have to offer. There are people waiting -- right now -- to be supported by you. 

This year is BIG, and it is calling us to be leaders in our respective fields. It is asking us to step up, stand up, make our voices heard, and make the difference we're here to make.

That's why I've written this new year's wish for you.


My 2018 wish for you:

That your message gets heard. That your words flow and reach exactly the people who need what you have to share.

That you embody and live wholly in your leadership energy.

That you be the messenger you are here to be.

That you are courageous, and kind, and loving, to yourself first and to all who come across your path.

That you stand up for what you know is right.

That you help dispel the darkness where we know there must be more light.

That you have fun, because why not enjoy the ride while on this planet, all while doing our good work in the world.

That you unapologetically live the life you're meant to live. And you thrive in doing so.

That you powerfully connect with the song in your soul, and let that song be heard. Clearly, connectedly, purposefully, powerfully.

That you love more, and worry less.

That you know, and truly know, that you are doing amazing things. Even if you question yourself, even if doubt creeps in momentarily (damn that doubt, let's kick it to the curb!). Even if you have days where it feels hard, or you want to give up.

That you go for it anyway.

That you know that progress is success, and with each milestone step you take, you are living the life you're meant to, being the messenger you're meant to (or stepping fully into that), and fulfilling your purpose.

That you enjoy the moments of your day, and do not wish them away.

That you are present in your life, knowing life is a gift and you allow yourself to unwrap it.

That you have health, wealth, wellness and wisdom.

That you allow yourself to know the resources that will support you, and that you allow yourself to be wholly supported.

This -- and so much more -- is my New Year's Wish for you. I am sending you massive love, powerful energy and all the joy in the world!

To 2018 my friends,



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