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You Are Supported with Synchronicity

It was days from my deadline on the book, 365 Soulful Messages. (We reached #1 bestseller on launch day! Email for a link to receive your copy.) I had some idea or another of what I would write. Words percolated within me, a soft idea, a color, a feel, an energy, a hue; I often feel the words as they prepare to move through me. I didn’t realize that what I would write about had not yet occurred, though I have found that is very often the way some writing happens. Since discovering a universal connection with words, and the ease with which they can flow, I have also discovered that my life and those of my clients can be transformed by the words that flow. Experiences shape our writing; our writing shapes our lives. It is a beautiful continuous connection.


There was a soulful message I would live, right as I needed to write it. This synchronicity, I’ve found, is the way to the words. We are supported, completely, as we come to trust and flow with life and with writing. 


Synchronistic support. Tiny fractals of connection. The mom at my daughters’ school who dropped into my day, right at the moment I was feeling guilt for having parked in the expectant mothers’ parking spot-- the lot was full, I was rushing. The pang of guilt I felt when I then saw a pregnant mom carrying her toddler to class, her belly round and full, child resting atop it as she hustled to get her baby there, too. Law of attraction.


It is having my daughter say to me, “I want to do this,” and whatever “this” is, meets the exact thing I wanted to do for the past few days. Like how my three-year-old asks to watch the news over Disney+ (how one could ever choose news over Disney+!), but it’s when my husband wants only to catch up on the days’ current events. Law of attraction.


The things that don’t perceptively match what we think we desire, the pull-our-hair-out moments, I can only explain with subconscious energy. Synchronistic support, even if it comes in ways we would never expect it. Law of attraction.


My deadline on the book was near. I had that feeling of words percolating, but I wasn’t quite clear on what I would write. And then, in a breath, a glance, the lift of my eyes, the moment lived was given to me. It was the nudge to look up at precisely that particular instance. An angel tapping me on the shoulder so I could receive exactly what I needed, both words for my book and the nudge I needed to stay optimistic, persistent, committed.


“Whatever it takes…” The words rolled from one side of the cylindrical rotating back of the truck to reveal themselves one word at a time. Then, so clearly, the rest of the message. “Make it happen.” The glow of the sunrise glistened on the land for our carwash. I was stopped behind a line of traffic, my favourite place to be on that road, because I knew I’d get to glance at our land, feel the energy of it. (Read the rest of this excerpt in 365 Soulful Messages, chapter titled Sunrise.)


Working with Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck has been incredibly guiding and supportive as well. This is the fifth book in this series that I’ve been blessed to be part of. They are two beautiful souls with a penchant for proofing writing until its precision nails the exact words your writing needs. It is the simple change of a word to reflect a shift, and it is completely perfect. When you read the sentence with a slightly new phrase, it somehow shifts you in the reading of it. 


Those words, “whatever it takes… make it happen,” came at a moment when I most needed them. Yes, they gave me what I needed for one of my stories in the book, but they also gave me peace of mind, and persistence from the experience itself. I am reminded of the meme with a miner, having chipped away at a tunnel at great length, being so close to breaking through to the light, and yet he is shown, giving up, turning back to where he came. I was at a moment of wanting to give in, and in that moment, I received the fortitude to keep mining, to overcome the obstacle on my path.


This gave me peace, persistence. It also gave me the words that flowed. I met the deadline for the book. This, synchronistic support.


Some ways to ensure you receive the guidance you need, so synchronicity can support your writing and life:


Raise your vibe. Meditate, journal, dance, pray. Practice loving self-care. Exercise. Get right on your mindset. These are all ways you can elevate your vibration to one that matches the frequency of synchronistic support.


Pay close attention. Presence. When you begin to notice the details around you, you become more attuned to the guidance that’s there for you. Start with activating all your senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. Listen to the things people say to you-- subtle, and direct. Awaken not just physical sensations but energetic ones. You are always being guided.


Persist with optimism. Optimism is a trait so helpful when it comes to trusting that you are being guided. When you believe the Universe and God are on your side, you can trust fall and allow yourself to receive guidance. Look for the positive, you will receive it. This allows you to hear more. You are continually being guided with loving, synchronistic support as you navigate all of what life has to give.


Trust your connection to writing. If you’re reading this blog, you have had some call to writing. Whether that is a book, a blog, or the marketing emails and social media posts that help you to share your given message. Words and life are synchronistically supporting you. Your life guides your message. Build trust in what’s within, allow yourself to feel and connect into your message, and it will help you serve on a level beyond your wildest dreams. 


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