Unleash the Writer Within
Date: Saturday August 31, 2019
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm EST
Location: Tampa, FL

Are you ready to dive deep? Have you unleashed your inner writer and could use some support with tools and techniques, online coaching and a community of writers ready for the written word to be part of their everyday?

Unleash the Writer Within opens you to conscious, consistent and compelling writing.

This 2 day workshop is designed to help you energetically clear fears and blocks around writing so you can integrate the practice of writing into your everyday life. With consistency and continuity, tools and skills for refinement and a supportive community of like-minded writers to interact with, you’ll find more ease and flow in your writing, your writing life and any projects you want to begin or have on the go.

This workshop addresses questions on techniques, tools and consistency, both for written content and the practice of integrating writing into your everyday life. You’ll be powerfully guided to step into yourself more as a writer so you can create quality, refined writing that’s audience-ready. During this workshop you will get your pen to the page to blueprint and begin drafting your writing project. Whether you’re working on a book, building a blog, refining articles, or creating marketing materials, Unleash the Writer Within will open you to a consistency in writing that allows the process to become easy, joyful and profoundly fulfilling.

Topics include:

  • The Call – Opening to Yourself as a Writer
  • The Story – Overcoming Your Internal Censor
  • The Voice – Tuning Into Your Most Authentic Writing
  • The Passage – Creating Consistency with Conscious Writing
  • The Rules – Knowing When to Listen and When to Bend Them
  • The Reader – Refining Your Writing for Consistency in Practice

With concepts from Unleash the Writer Within and expanded exercises to deepen your writing connection, you’ll find writing becomes a tangible, connected and consistent aspect of your life.

Boot Camp includes:

  • 1 full day of energetic clearing around any fears and blocks that are holding you back
  • 1+ full day of getting the pen on the page
  • 3 hours of personal coaching time
  • Expert advice on revision
  • Blog writing, book writing, structure and outline for a book
  • Real writing time guided by an expert writer and coach
  • Write your marketing material, outline and draft your book, or complete a blog series
  • Group forum for accountability and support
  • Online Coaching and Support