The Butt Glue Crew
Wednesday September 6, 2017
Time: 6:30pm MT
Location: Online / live calls

You've got to make it sacred. Connect in.

Your writing time is so essential to your writing process, especially if you're working on a bigger project like a book or marketing content that has profound impact and gets results. 

Having accountability is one of the BEST ways to make your writing time sacred - to honour it, cherish it, and have yourself sit your butt in the chair and let your words flow! (It's a big old bottle of Butt Glue... for that precious butt-in-chair time to support you.)

Connection with your craft. Content to create impact.

Purpose. Platform. Profit.

Live Writing Parties. Editorial Feedback.

Learn from the best with a monthly Content Call that connects you purposefully to the heart of your message so your words can flow with ease, and have profound impact with your most powerful message. Enjoy a fun live group Writing Party with real-time editorial feedback on your writing and a powerfully connected group, dedicated to getting their message to the masses.

Dive in with the support you need to make your writing time sacred. It's accountability, resources and proven tools to help you craft your most powerful, profound message-- that gets results. 

Learn more about making your writing time sacred, with this video from Become a Published Author:

Here's what you receive when you join The Butt Glue Crew:

1 Monthly Content Call:

  • Get your month started right, and commit to your writing with a conscious, connected call that activates not only the energetics of your effective, connected writing, but also gives you the tools to craft and hone your best writing.
  • Work with an International Bestselling Author and Awakening Coach with conscious, creative and unique techniques that support your best writing and flow!
  • Receive guidance in the live Q & A portion of the call, and have your specific questions answered and fears cleared so you can purposefully craft writing that builds your platform, gets your message heard and makes you profit. 
  • Join the group energy of like-minded, powerful and impactful leaders committed to crafting their most purposeful writing! 

1 Monthly Writing Party / Workshopping:

  • Receive the ultimate in accountability -- and fun! -- by joining the live monthly Writing Party where we meet on live video feed and write together! 
  • Powerful supports during the writing parties include:
  • 1) hunker-down writing sessions where you set an intention for your writing and let it flow during the Writing Party-- and, receive live editorial feedback from an award-winning writer, editor and coach, and,
  • 2) workshopping sessions, where you go deeper into craft and refinement of your writing to make it the best for your purpose and platform.