The Butt Glue Crew
Date: Wednesday November 1, 2017
Time: 12:00pm ET
Location: Online / live calls

You've got to make it sacred. Connect in.

Your writing time is so essential to your writing process, especially if you're working on a bigger project like a book.

Having accountability is one of the BEST ways to make your writing time sacred - to honour it, cherish it, and have yourself sit your butt in the chair and let your words flow! (It's a big old bottle of Butt Glue... for that precious butt-in-chair time to support you.)

Connection with your craft. Live Writing Parties. Editorial Feedback.

What better way to give yourself accountability than a monthly Content Call to amp up your connection with writing, and a live group Writing Party with live editorial feedback on your writing and a powerfully connected group, dedicated to their writing.

It's a way to dive in and support you in making your writing time sacred. It's accountability, and support, and like-minded writers who are also going for it with their writing goals! 

Learn more about making it sacred, with this video from Become a Published Author:

Here's what you receive when you join The Butt Glue Crew:

1 Monthly Content Call:

  • Get your month started right, and commit to your writing with a conscious, connected call that activates not only the energetics of your most focused writing, but also gives you tools to craft and hone your best writing.
  • Work with an International Bestselling Author and Awakening Coach with conscious, creative and unique techniques that will support your best writing and flow!
  • Receive guidance in the live Q & A portion of the call, and have your specific questions answered, clear fears and blocks and help yourself propel forward for a positively impactful month in writing! 
  • Join the group energy of like-minded, powerful and impactful writers who are committed and dedicated to being in their writing flow!

1 Monthly Writing Party / Workshopping:

  • Receive the ultimate in accountability -- and fun! -- by joining the live monthly Writing Party where we meet on live video feed and write together! 
  • Each month goes with the flow of the writing group for what will best support. This includes:
  • 1) hunker-down writing sessions where you set an intention for your writing and let it flow during the Writing Party-- and, receive live editorial feedback from Jenny during the parties, and
  • 2) workshopping sessions, where we go deeper into craft and support in workshopping specific pieces of writing within the group.