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magnetize your message creative, conscious writing that's perfect for your project

Are you a busy entrepreneur or corporation with limited time to build your audience online? Want your messages to inform and inspire with customized content that’s perfect for your tribe?

With social media solutions, you can save time online and reach your ideal audience with pre-written Facebook posts, Tweets and LinkedIn updates tailored to connecting more with your tribe. Whether it’s inspiring and informing or building community and launching products, social media solutions packages posts so you can have maximum impact online.

Choose the best solution for you:


1 Month $977.00

50 Facebook Posts, 50 Tweets, 35 LinkedIn Updates

3 Months $1333.00

100 Facebook Posts, 100 Tweets, 70 LinkedIn Updates

6 Months $2444.00

200 Facebook Posts, 200 Tweets, 105 LinkedIn Updates
SubTotal $0.00