If you're looking for someone to help you express your true intentions, awaken that dormant creator and dreamer within you, Jenny McKaig has it all! Her skillful ways of delivering her outstanding passion for writing is the key to her success. I highly recommend Jenny, not only as an editor, also as a partner in your journey as an author. 


-Maria Grazia Bevilacqua, Doctor of Natual Medicine, Award-winning Doctor of Humanitarian Services, International Speaker, 3-time #1 International Bestselling Author






Jenny is simply amazing. You want her to be alot older when you connect with her because she seems far to wise beyond her years!! As my coach and editor in Empowering Women to Succeed V1 & V2 Jenny was so good at helping me to bring out certain critical aspects of my life. Her question 'What would you write if you were staying in your power' was a very powerful question. Jenny also respected that for me it was critical to retain my writing style and my authenticity with my writing. We shared some major transitions through the writing of the books. I would truly recommend Jenny to anyone who is trying to really get to the heart of the matter and get it on paper.


~Lisa Bartello, Intuitive Counsellor & Bestselling Author - Real Estate Agent & Investor




“Working with Jenny is like working with a fresh wind that crosses your path.  She brings an insight which is far beyond her years, which only proves that she has honed her many skills into a masterful knowledge-base.  


Any time I was either in Jenny's presence, or working with her, there was a smile on my face, as her essence lifts you up entirely.   It was thrilling to be given the opportunity to work together.   It always felt like I was receiving a gift.   It is no exaggeration when I say her warmth and genuine nature come across monumentally.  


Jenny helped push me to seek more from myself, challenge what I know, and each contact brought further excellence to my work in my own personal style.  With her professionalism, Jenny put the fire in me and taught me how to seek that 'more,' creating an incredibly positive experience for me.  


In my life I have encountered many people, but Jenny is very special and definitely someone who leaves a lasting impression.” 


Marla David, Client







Jenny is a great writing coach and a supportive and demanding editor (yes, they exist!). 
I worked with Jenny on a chapter for the book Empowering Women To Succeed and, not being a native English speaker and having NO experience in writing, I got all I needed to connect to my story and feel confident to spell it out. Jenny helped me to formulate my message and structure my story to deliver it for my intended audience. 
She is committed, positive and demanding - all you would want from an editor. And she is supportive, understanding and has a very light touch - all great features of a genius Writing Coach! 
I highly recommend Jenny as a writing coach for a first time writer and for someone who has a difficult story to tell.


-Elena Khomenko, MBA, CBCC, ACC, Leadership Coach, Human Development Expert, #1 International Bestselling Author






“Jenny’s coaching gave me specific and precise actions I could take to make my chapter more compelling and relatable to readers.  Her guidance allowed me to focus my editing time so that updates were made efficiently and added to the strength of my chapter.”


Danielle Joworski, Co-Author in Empowering Women to Succeed – Volume 2, Chapter “Being Present”






"Jenny has been a great inspiration for me to start writing my own stories. From the day I reached out (10 months ago) seeking information on courses and tutoring to improve my writing. 


Jenny has stood by my side sharing her knowledge while encouraging and reassuring me every step of the way. The next step we will take together will be to prepare my stories for publishing - very exciting.


Thank you Jenny!"


- Angela Goldrup, Coaching Client





"Jenny is a shining star!


Thank you Jenny for being you. Shine on!"


- Ellie Savoy, Empowering Women to Succeed Client 





"Jenny allowed me to share my journey with the world. It wouldn’t have been possible without her!"


- Calli Jenson, Empowering Women To Succeed Client




"Thank you Jenny for all of your help and compassion in writing my chapter in Empowering Women to Succeed. I’m very lucky to have you as a writing coach!"


- Natalie Marnica, Become a Copywritting Rockstar & Become a Published Author Client




"Jenny has a beautiful gift in helping others to bring life to the written word. I hope to work with her again."


- Jennifer Douglas, Empowering Women to Succeed Client




"Thank you Jenny for being such an inspiration in my life. You pushed me to be the best I can be!"


- Heather Gordon, Empowering Women to Succeed Client 




"Thank you for all your support Jenny. I really feel blessed to have met you."


-Lisa Rizzo, Empowering Women to Succeed Client 




"Thank you so much Jenny for this AMAZING workshop!!

On top of unleashing my inner writer, I discovered on the call that I could also write in English, which is fabulous for me and my business!!  You created a space where it felt very comfortable to open up.  Very excited now to work on my web site content and I'm thinking of [making] it bilingual.  I also want to say that I have a lot of gratitude for this time with you.  Something BIG happened for me that day!  I'm now ready and willing to put myself out there!!"
-Nancy Lussier, Montreal

Thank you for [Unleash the Writer Within]! I was amazed at the great people I met and the floodgates that opened for me!"

-Brittany Steptoe, Toronto



"Jenny is a great coach. She helped me to stir up my creativity and let it flow onto the pages in a way that I haven't been able to do in my own efforts. She was a lot of fun to work with and int the end, I came away with a great script. Plus, I have tools to use for my future creative writing endeavours. Thanks Jenny."

-Mark Van Noord, Writer/Cinematographer, True Essence Media



Jenny has been instrumental in helping us take our storytelling to new heights. She has helped us tap into writing skills we've never accessed before. In fact, we recently wrote a video script in less than 30 minutes and the client absolutely loved it!"

-Kune Hua, Owner, True Essence Media