Awakening Coaching

Awaken your magnificent, miraculous life! Coaching that’s a catalyst for your very best life.

Do you want a magnificent, miraculous and joyful life but don’t know where to start? Are you feeling stuck in a rut and need to find a new rhythm? Do you have some idea what you want and where you’re going, but want to dive deeper into your passions and fly exponentially forward?

If you’re ready to step away from stress, fatigue and a feeling of struggle, I’m here to tell you, there’s more to this life. It’s available to you right now. My coaching awakens a renewed sense of joy, peace and passion so you can step fully, fluidly and gracefully into your most magnificent, miraculous life.

Are you ready for your most vibrant, passionate life?

Coaching could be for you if:

  • You feel stuck or stagnant and want to make a change
  • You’re happy where you are, but want to feel more alive
  • You have dreams you want to achieve
  • You’re ready to unleash your most miraculous life!

Coaching powerfully awakens:

  • Your most joyful, peaceful, passionate self
  • Inner vibrancy that radiates in everything you do
  • Authentic vitality that flows simply and fluidly
  • Your magnificent, miraculous life!

With awakening coaching techniques and 10 years of wellness coaching, I help you unleash your most vibrant life. I’m a deeply intuitive coach who guides you with powerful questions to awaken your best self and most vibrant life!


{Yes! I’d love to awaken my magnificent, miraculous life!}



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Creative Coaching

Empower your inner author, blogger, videographer. Creative coaching that opens you to {your most creative self.}

Are you ready to tap into your most creative self? Are you ready to finally move forward with that book, blog or video you’ve been wrestling with for what feels like forever? Do you feel your creativity inside, those restless inner rumbles, but don’t know how to make the change from rumblings to reality?

Creative coaching opens you to your most creative self in a way that’s supportive and inspiring, asking you to give voice to your best writing and open to creative projects that you may have some time ago tucked away. My creative coaching guides your inner knowing to unleash your most creative self.

Creative coaching could be for you if:

  • You have an idea brewing but haven’t stepped into it
  • You yearn for more ease in your creative process
  • You’re already writing/creating and want to take it to the next level
  • You’d love to write more and experience creative fulfillment
  • You’re ready to awaken your most creative self!

Creative coaching empowers you for:

  • Creative clarity to achieve your dreams
  • Deep, fulfilling creative renewal
  • Writing that rivets your audience
  • Creative projects finally being completed
  • Your most empowered creative self!

With awakening coaching techniques and 14 years combined writing, editing and creativity experience, I help you change creative potential into power in creation. I’m a deeply intuitive coach who assists with powerful questions and transformative creative exercises to empower your most creative self!

"Jenny has been instrumental in helping us take our stortelling to new heights. She has helped us tap into writing skills we've never accessed before. In fact, we recently wrote a video script in less than 30 minutes and the client absolutely loved it!"

-Kune Hua, Owner, True Essence Media


"Jenny is a great coach. She helped me to stir up my creativity and let it flow onto the pages in a way that I haven't been able to do in my own efforts. She was a lot of fun to work with and int the end, I came away with a great script. Plus, I have tools to use for my future creative writing endeavours. Thanks Jenny."

-Mark Van Noord, Writer/Cinematographer, True Essence Media

{Yes! I’d love to empower my most creative self!}



Awakening Coaching | Creative Coaching | Writing | Editing


Rock your Biz... 

with 'The Rockstar Sales Page Package!'

Are you ready to rock your biz?! It's go-time, you're primed and prepared and are ready to deliver!

Your program(s)? They're stellar. You know what you've created will change lives, provide value and be just what your clients requested.

That's why you're here: you need to make sure your highly valuable programs reach the world. Get me?

You are here to deliver rockstar coaching programs (and products and services), and I have been guided to offer you a Rockstar Sales Page Package that will deliver you just that: results!

This package is for you if:

  • you have launched a program and didn't make the sales you had hoped for...
  • you're ready to launch a new program and you know it will change lives...
  • you're ready to fill your program with ideal clients!
  • you're ready to have highly conscious writing in your business to magnetize more ideal clients
  • you know that investing in your business brings increased wealth, exponentially
  • you know that hiring a highly sought-after copywriter means you can do more of what you love to do!

In this package, you will receive:

  • custom content for a highly-valuable sales page ($7000 value)
  • highly conscious content that converts $2500 into $25,000 (or more) ($25,000+ value)
  • your Essential Branding Core Messaging Kit* ($4,000 value)
  • strategic, professional copywriting that delivers results ($7,000 value)
  • your Rockstar Sales Page! ($44,000 value)

*Your Essential Branding Core Messaging Kit is a highly conscious tool designed to get you crystal clear on your branding message so your sales page (and all your marketing materials) are aligned with your rockstar offerings! This magnetic kit is highly optimizable for all sales pages so everything you share gets the results you want. 

So, you ready to rock your biz?!

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Are you ready to up-level your work with writing that informs and inspires? Do you have a message you want to reach the masses? Are you ready for your work to powerfully magnetize your ideal audience?

You’ve come to the right place.

As a professional writer with over seven years experience, I whittle words so your messaging is clear and concise, creating impactful writing so your work gets read. Whether internal communications campaigns or marketing and website content, your text is tailored specifically to ensure your message gets heard.

Creative, conscious writing includes:

  • A great listener to hone in on your requirements
  • Clean, concise writing to make messages pop
  • Impeccable client service
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Customized writing for your audience

With messaging that magnetizes your audience, individuals and organizations typically hire me to write:

  • Social media messages
  • Website content
  • Internal communications campaigns
  • Corporate video scripts
  • Entrepreneurial newsletters
  • Blogs and articles
  • Press releases and media info
  • Content for events and trade fairs


Want to sample the latest article and learn how to boost your mindset too? Read here for more.


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 Want a time-saver for social media? Yes! I’d love a social media solution!


Awakening Coaching | Creative Coaching | Writing | Editing



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Awakening Coaching | Creative Coaching | Writing | Editing


Social Media Solutions

magnetize your message creative, conscious writing that's perfect for your project

Are you a busy entrepreneur or corporation with limited time to build your audience online? Want your messages to inform and inspire with customized content that’s perfect for your tribe?

With social media solutions, you can save time online and reach your ideal audience with pre-written Facebook posts, Tweets and LinkedIn updates tailored to connecting more with your tribe. Whether it’s inspiring and informing or building community and launching products, social media solutions packages posts so you can have maximum impact online.

Choose the best solution for you:

Getting Started

Amplify Your Audience

The Mass Market

Facebook - Building Your Tribe
100 Facebook Posts
$517 Buy Now
Expanding Your Twitter-verse
100 Tweets
$517 Buy Now
Linking Into Your Community
70 LinkedIn Updates
$577 Buy Now
100 Facebook Posts
100 Tweets
$877 Buy Now
100 Facebook Posts
70 LinkedIn Updates
$917 Buy Now
100 Tweets
70 LinkedIn Updates
$917 Buy Now
100 Facebook Posts, 100 Tweets,
70 LinkedIn Updates
$1333 Buy Now



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The {best writing} is in the {revision—} the {seeing again} of {what’s on the page.}

Do you have a book or business writing and want it masterfully edited to captivate your audience? Have you written a script or website content and you’re ready to refine it so it really dazzles? Are you ready to elevate your writing with an experienced editor who empowers you to make it your best work yet?

You are in talented and compassionate hands.

From proofing to substantive editing to copyediting, I bring over seven years experience to help you hone your work so it truly shines. With empowered editing, I ask powerful questions and help you discover opportunities for your writing to grow so it’s more clear and compelling for your audience. In copyediting, I finesse the finer points so your writing glimmers with concision, accuracy and a grammatical precision that makes your work shine.

Empowered editing includes:

  • Effective questions to craft for clarity
  • A keen eye for structure, detail and consistency
  • Knowing the grammar rules—and when best to break them
  • Leveraging each author’s authentic voice
  • Ensuring accuracy while enhancing audience impact

Individuals and organizations typically hire me to edit:

  • Full-length books
  • Internal communications
  • Corporate video scripts
  • Magazine articles
  • Press releases and media info
  • Copy for event collateral
  • Interview questions

magnetize your message with empowered editing for {writing that rivets}

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*Copyediting includes polishing for grammar, style and spelling.
**Substantive editing includes refining for structure, consistency, coherency and cohesiveness.


Awakening Coaching | Creative Coaching | Writing | Editing