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Your Message Is Meant to Reach the Masses

Your Message Is Meant to Reach the Masses

When you’re an entrepreneur connected deeply into your purpose, you know you have a big message to share. Sound familiar? It is that calling within you that whispers, or calls loudly: you know you're meant to have massive impact.


The more you feel into that, the more clear it becomes.


The deeper you go with your purpose, the more foundationally solid your platform, and the more people you reach with your powerful message that’s meant to create big change in this world.


When you are called to create purposeful, powerful impact, you are meant to follow that call.


I received the call years ago while standing on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Australia. The words came to me clearly, a connection with my calling that guided me onto a path that would change my life forever.


“Return to Canada. Go to school for writing. Write a book, write several books. Learn how to surf better.” (Of course guidance on a calling comes complete with a fun, insightful burst to better myself at an ocean sport as well. Because, well, that’s just fun.)


There it was: encapsulated in that moment, the profoundly simple yet deep connection to what I’m meant to do in my life. Crystal clarity. Simplicity and depth.


As years went on, it would continue to grow: my purpose.


Getting messages to the masses in a big way-- in writing, and in supporting influential leaders to do the same.


When you’re an entrepreneur, leader, change-maker and messenger with a soulful purpose, and you connect deeply into that, owning it with powerful choices to bring your purpose to life with a massive platform, you become unstoppable.


The more I deepen into my purpose, expanding well beyond that simple foundational moment so many years ago, the more impact I have. The more positive, profound change I create, and the more I do my part to make this world a better place for all of us.


When you choose to know your purpose and harness it powerfully with an expanded platform, the ripple effect is infinite.


A very tangible way to do that is by expanding your website traffic. Your message is meant to reach the masses. As a soulful entrepreneur, and for any business owner, saving where you can supports you in having more impact so you can be sustainable as a business and continue the solid work you do. That’s why it’s important to know that you don’t have to rely on paid traffic alone to expand your website’s reach.


You can broaden your audience-base with owned and earned traffic. Here’s an article I wrote for that supports you in knowing techniques to do so: Want to Increase Website Traffic? Own It & Earn It.


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