Become a Copywriting Rockstar!

Are you ready to rock your biz?!

It’s go-time, you’re primed, prepared and ready to deliver! You know the copy you create can make or break your launch – and you know how amazing a Rockstar Sales Page package can be for growing your business to exponential success!

The only thing? You don’t want to break your pocketbook.

We get it. If you’re just starting out and are super cash-conscious, or if you'd love to deliver your message yourself in your most authentic voice, then writing copy yourself can be a valuable solution. It's an incredible way to get results – and you can do it time and time again with these innovative, magnetic techniques.

You know what they say, right? Teach a (wo)man to fish…

Well, teach an entrepreneur to write Rockstar copy, and you’ve got a sales-writing machine with built-in techniques proven to convert—and you feed an entrepreneur forever.

With the Become a Copywriting Rockstar course, you become the guru. You learn everything you need to know to write sales pages that get results, and repeated results, so you can rock your biz in the way you know you’re ready to.

This course is for you if:

  • you are ready for results!
  • you’re ready to step – okay, leap! – to the next level!
  • you’re ready for packed programs and sold-out product lines.
  • you’ve launched a program and didn’t make the sales you had hoped for.
  • you’re ready to launch a new program and you know it will change lives!
  • you’re ready to soar with sales from ideal clients! (this course teaches you how to create Rockstar copywriting that magnetizes your ideal directly to you!)
  • you’d love to learn techniques that make copywriting simple, fun and effective!

In this course, you will receive:

  • Expert advice from a skilled copywriter with 8+ years of experience creating for companies like Harley-Davidson and Microsoft
  • All the tools you need to access the words and write results-based sales pages (again and again, so you can amplify your sales)
  • Specialty techniques that allow you to connect with your audience in your most authentic voice
  • Specialized info on high-vibration words and attraction energy within copywriting that magnetizes ideal clients
  • Your custom Core Branding Messaging Kit so you’ll be crystal clear on the feel, tone and style of your dynamic marketing copy
  • Your own Core Branding Blueprint specifically designed for you and your business (a strategic plan to implement your truest essence of branding in all your marketing materials)
  • A Sales Page Energy Kit customized to magnetize sales to your programs, products and offerings (and keep you in the highest alignment with the essence of your brand!)
  • A complete Sales Page ready to start making sales immediately *and* a customized content plan to continue creating custom, authentic and effective sales pages that get results! 

This self-guided online course allows you to learn at your own pace on your own time while still giving you access to expert coaching advice with live monthly calls. The course is organized into five sections covering a range of topics.

Topics include:

  • Ideal Clients
  • Soul Marketing
  • The Gateway (website)
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Editorial Calendar, including social media and SEO

Your course includes:

  • 24 video modules
  • worksheets, PDFs, guidebook
  • website template
  • marketing calendar
  • editorial calendar
  • full content plan for 1 year
  • techniques to execute
  • follow-up emails
  • live monthly calls

If you are ready for results and would like to have all the tools and techniques you need to become a copywriting rockstar, this is the course for you!

Enroll today to rock your biz!


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