Rockstar Sales Page Package

Congrats on being ready to rock your biz! 

In this package, you will receive:

  • custom content for a highly-valuable sales page ($7000 value)
  • highly conscious content that converts $2500 into $25,000 (or more) ($25,000+ value)
  • your Essential Branding Core Messaging Kit* ($4,000 value)
  • strategic, professional copywriting that delivers results ($7,000 value)
  • your Rockstar Sales Page! ($44,000 value)

*Your Essential Branding Core Messaging Kit is a highly conscious tool designed to get you crystal clear on your branding message so your sales page (and all your marketing materials) are aligned with your rockstar program(s)! This magnetic kit is highly optimizable for all sales pages so everything you share gets the results you want. 



Rockstar Sales Page Package $4997.00

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